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Aircraft Charter Frequently Asked Questions

If you are contemplating chartering an aircraft for a particular assignment or occasion we would be delighted to provide you with advice particular to your requirements. You may also find the following answers to commonly asked questions helpful!

"How does the price compare to scheduled air fares?"

Dependent on the number of passengers, the price of chartering can compare very favourably with scheduled air fares. Additionally, the flexibility to choose your departure and arrival airport, your departure time, and routes and stop-over's to suit your own needs, can mean considerable savings in both time and money.

"How safe and secure is it?"

Charter operators have enviable safety records, and their aircraft and crew must reach and maintain at least the same high standards as scheduled airlines. Apart from the crew, the only people on the flight will be those that you invite or authorise, and no other luggage or baggage will be carried.

Your personal security and privacy can also enhanced by using smaller, and less congested airports, and the charter operators must carry at least the same level of insurance as the scheduled airlines.

To find out more about aircraft charter in general, our aircraft availability and/or to obtain a quotation for a particular trip, please e-mail, complete our online quotation/availability form or view our contact details.