Charter a luxury private jet, small aircraft or commercial airplane to european, worldwide and exotic destinations.
European and Worldwide Private Jet Aircraft Charter

Worldwide and European Private Jet Aircraft Charters

Jet4Charter offers its services to the experienced traveller and new clients looking to explore the world of private jet charter, we make it easier to obtain private business aircraft that meet your needs.

For executive, corporate, VIP, celebrity and private travel, nothing is better than chartering a private jet aircraft. It offers total flexibility, time savings, exceptional safety, high security standards, a top quality service and is without the hassles of owning your own aircraft.

Charter a luxury private jet, small aircraft or commercial aeroplane to worldwide and exotic destinations, European based aircraft available 24 hours a day.

Aircraft charter provides a cost effective alternative to scheduled flights, and an efficient and flexible means of accessing the benefits of business aircraft use for those unable to justify their own aircraft ownership.

For aircraft owners, it provides a revenue stream that offsets fixed and variable costs and makes a valuable contribution towards the costs of ownership.

Through our association with a major European charter specialist we can provide you with the following services:

Charter Services

A fleet of managed aircraft under our partners control, comprising of medium to large business jets for charter purposes worldwide. In addition we have links and arrangements with other owners which enables us to access a wide range of additional fixed and rotary wing aircraft around the world.

You can be assured of exemplary service standards and high quality aircraft and interior amenities, using for the most part our partnbers own staff on charter flights.

Charter Management

Advice on selection of aircraft for which charter demand is high or is growing. Provision of necessary commercial licenses and operational compliance with regulatory authorities for commercial operations. Effective marketing of charter services via industry network, advertising and targeted direct mail campaigns. Our partner was one of the first business jet operators in Switzerland to be granted JAR Ops 1 certification - the latest European regulatory licensing approval.

If you are contemplating chartering an aircraft for a particular assignment or occasion we would be delighted to provide you with advice particular to your requirements. You may also find the following answers to commonly asked questions helpful!

To find out more about aircraft charter in general, our aircraft availability and/or to obtain a quotation for a particular trip, please e-mail, complete our online quotation/availability form or view our contact details.